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■any are the .poker tricks, set-ups, and continuous routines that have been developed during the past few years. Some are good, and some, Instead, are just plain boring from the entertainment point of view. Generally a spectator will make the remark, "Can you deal four aces?"or "Can you deal a good poker hand to yourself?" And it is all that worries them, too. If you can immediately deal the cards and give yourself a definitely good hand, you've accomplished the purpose, and satisfied them directly. They'll remember and talk about how you dealt the cards and gave yourself something good, long after tho other fellow has fumed around with complicated build-ups. Four aces, or a quick royal flush are hands that have a sort of hypnotic effect with a punch.

At any rate, the one deal I've been using steadily as an incidental poker demonstration, cbnsists of an original method of exchanging the whole hand you deal yourself, together with an excellent idea in set-ups which was devised by Michael Zens, of Kenosha, Wisconsin. This combination of two principles allows one to ans-. wer the perennial query, "Can you deal yourself ANY hand you want?" In short, It all is based on the above mentioned exchange, and a set-up of ten cards from which you easily and quickly acquire any of the eight types of poker hands that you want.

In effect you shuffle the deck a number of times, and have someone mention which type of hand you are to deal to yourself. Then you go further by asking how many hands are to be dealt In the game. You explain that, knowing these two requisites, you are able to do your stuff. You have shuffled the deck to start, and you call attention to the fact that you do not change the cards again after hearing how many are to be In the hand. Once you know where the various cards are, It is easy enough to get them at the right time. Or, at least, that's what you tell the onlookersi

Now you make the deal. Everybody looks at his hand, and you finally show yours to contain exactly what was desired. And with such a presentation you have actually settled ah audience's mind that you can locate and deal yourself any kind of a hand that you wish.

On the bottom of the deok are ten oards, as follows, reading from the faoe of the pack:

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