An Invisible Card Shiner

Card shiners are not outdated by any means. I have knowledge of several prominent oard men who make quite constant use of them. An invisible substitute for the little device, should you have fear of being caught with the goods, is this.

Paint an elongated circle upon the inner surface of the first joint of the left forefinger with transparent "lacquer" nail polish. Apply smoothly, permit to dry, and apply a second coat if the "thumb prints" are prominent. With a little experimenting it will be found that the Indexes of cards may be easily read in the so applied mirror. The commodity is harmless, and Is readily removed by applying more of the lacquer, wiping off when dissolved.

When deck is held in left hand and someone allowed to open the cards at any point and note the Index, a bit of handling will show how the reflection can be gotten to give you the card's identity. With the lacquer applied to the right forefinger, cards can be glimpsed as dealt from anyone's shuffled deck.

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