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Here is one of those rare effects that have an anticlimax but become greater because of it. The base of the trick, or the addition part, is not, by any means, a new idea. Around this, however, Mr.Baker has woven a bit of chicanery which dresses the problem in a not soon to be forgotten guise.

A spectator is chosen for the problem, and is handed a folded paper upon which the performer has scribbled something. Showing a large size slate, the-performer hands him chalk with, the request that he write down a line of £ig-ures as they come to mind. Immediately under this row the performer jots a row and the spectator follows with a third. Then the performer finishes quickly by writing a fourth and fifth line. Drawing a line underneath, the spectator is handed slate for adding. The total is read aloud and shown. Opening the folded er, the spectator finds prophecied the correct total as was reached! SO PAR NOTHING ORIGINAL HAS HAPPENED BUT WAIT. The performer shows the back of the slate on which has been inscribed the letters of the alphabet, each letter followed by a numeral from 1 to 0 (set-up on page 129). The spectator is asked his first or last name. SUBSTITUTING LETTERS FOR THE FIGURES OF THE PROBLEM'S TOTAL. THIS. SPECTATOR'S NAME IS POUND TO BE KEVEALED BY THAT ROW OF FIGURES!!!

It will be realized immediately by many of my readers that this also makes a valuable effect as a publicity trick with a pad of paper. Although it will puzzle a mathematician,and it


will confound magicians who know, only the addition effect, the mechanics are so simple that it practically becomes an Impromptu stunt.

First you must know the name of the person with whom you are going to work the effect. It may be either his first or last name, so long as it isn't more than 3ix letters long, in which case another name is secured. On the back of the slate or pad have the alphabet and numerals written as per the chart. *

Before the test, write down the name of the person, and with the chart,substitute the letters for figures. If the name were HARRY, the letters would mean 81885. This is all you need know before starting. On a piece of paper write the five figures and place a 2 in front of them making a number prophecy of 281885 for the spectator to hold. How add 2 to the last figure of the number representing the name of the person, in this case changing the number to 81887. This number is your key number to be remembered.If the last figure of the original name number is an 8 or 9, this rule holds good although adding 2 effects the last two figures of the number instead of the last only. If the number were 71288 it would change to 71290 by adding the 2.

Present the problem by handing the correct person the folded slip to pocket.Without showin" the chart side of slate or pad, have him write a row of five figures. Have him put down the same number of figures in the row as there (please turn to page 129)

Pno-o 1 PR

Now that convention time is over I can rest (as if I don't do enough of that I) again and glory in the memories. Out in Batavia, N.Y. the I.B.M. bought up the town as usual and received more newspaper space and more pictures in the city dailies of Buffalo and Rochester than ever obtained by any other magical organization or club. I can't understand why more of the eastern and Hew York boys don't take in these events. The high mogul of an eastern club told me that he wouldn't go because he didn't like the class of people there. Prom all I know, perhaps it is just as well he didn't go. They wouldn't have liked his tricks 1

Few weeks pass without it being evident that one good trick can 'make' a magician. Seldom is this trick a new one, the magus having dug out an old timer that the 'what's new' boys pass over with a deprecating turn of the page. However, once such an effect is rediscovered by a magus with acumen and a head on his shoulders, the dealers are beseiged by buyers. Hot often, though, do the copyists get anywhere at all. Ho one has created the talk nor commanded the prices of Cardinl with his type of act. Tommy Martin put together a varied routine but the egg and fan gets him the work and reputation. Incidentally", I've seen no one who could come near him in the way he handles the fan. All others are comparatively unimpressive with their nervous bouncing. The bills in the lemon was to be remembered in Jarrow's routine; Jud Cole and Kling Klang are synonymous; the bird-cage made Keating quite famous; the baby chicks under the cups caused Galli-Galli to become a drawing card; Mogul came to New York night clubs with a single sitter billet reading test; and Russell Swann's piece de resistance is the Sun and Moon tragedy. Not that these old time effects alone made these performers worth their prices, personality and presentation, most important requisites, had much to do, but the fact-remains that all those who have gotten into lights during the present era have featured one 'to be talked about' mystery culled from the limbo of long forgotten magic. Delve into some of the magic literature from 1900 to 1920. Then use your head. Others have made it pay good dividends and they haven't scratched the surface.

If you vuae a candle in the act try this for a simple interlude. Have one of the old metal fakes with a taper that you finger palm In right hand. Pick up candle with left. Pick up a match with right, picking up fake at the same time. Light candle and as wick lights also light taper. Blow out candle, pass hand in front of it and it relights. Repeat this once and right thumb puts taper out and drops fake as you pick up the tube to cover or paper to wrap, it's one of those little things.

John liulholland took me to task in Batavia re the paragraph about Sphinx dealers in issue Ho. 20. I am thus informed that he has a letter from the dealer in question which says The Sphinx will be sold only to magicians and persons known to be truly and si-icerely interested. That clears that up.

Letter of interest to dealers:

April 13, 1936

Dear Ted;

Here is the information you requested re the proceedings which I brought to halt the unauthorized reprinting of the Calostro Mind Reading Act.

Ralph Read complained to me that Mr. Smith (this name is fictitious inasmuch as I do not think it necessary to publicize his name any further) was mimeographing copies of the act and selling them at about two or three dollars a copy. I contacted the United States Attorney's offie® and also the Department of Justice with reference to this matter and as a result I was able to have the person who was selling the mimeographed copies contacted by a government man. As a result of the contact and threat that there would be an arrest and other penalties if the practice was not discontinued, I have been able to keep the field entirely clear of unauthorized publications of this book.

In my opinion, and you can quote me, if this procedure were followed in other cases where there have been violations of a man's right to realize the benefits of his own writings, the filthy practice that is being followed now would be quickly cleaned up with dire results to the violators.


(signed) Jacob L. Steisel

Counsellor at IAw

Page 126

Bob Oysel, "the burglar from Toledo", was offered the key to the city at Batavia. Showing the Mayor a bent button hook, he said, "I don't need a key as long as I have this." Practically all my laughs came from watching this example of 'loco boy makes good.' His pastime (at 4 A.M.) was to pound on doors. ,ihen ignored, ha'd piCK the lock, push it open, and walk away with the brontasaurus yell, "I could come in if I wanted to." The highlight came when a group watching privately shown tricks couldn't keep him out despite the lock and the bolt, With a stetha3cope dangling from his ears and a specially built lock opening jiggle gun in hand, he came through the formidable obstruction twice. Max Holden hasn't been seen to laugh so hard and long in well over ten years. If he reads this, here's a good line for the new stationery; "When better locks are made, Gysel will pick them."--- Har-

deen (brother of Houdinl), Martin Sunshine and Jim Collins have left for Port Worth, Texas intending to make the fair-goers Svengali deck conscious. --- An Interloper named Kondo plays vaude houses with a complete steal of Jack Gwynne's act. Reports are that it, can't last because of no comparison. As if there could be I---

Francis Plnneran, the local nite clubbing magus, lost his whole act in the subway one night. Police are looking for a kleptomagicak. --- And dealers at the conventions always suffer a loss from counter picker uppers. Somebody must be making good use of lightning pulls, profondes and vesting principles. --- Being politically conscious this year, I'll present The Jinx Platform in the forthcoming Extra issue due about

July 15th. --- Philip Poxwell has one of the most effective folders I've ever seen. His layout of news clips and illustrations tells the story at a glance and you are sold at that moment on the fact that he MUST be good. --- Prom the Boston news column in the May Sphinx:"Albert Todd was next with a transposition of a bill, first to a cigarette, then to an orange and finally to the coin and wool boxes. Oh yes, the number was taken each time bill appeared and it checked. It couldn't be so - yet It was." That makes me happy to know someone got something to use from page 85 of the 1935-36 Winter Jinx

Extra. --- Dr. Jacob Daley knows a medium who proposed to his wife by having, "I love you. Villi you marry me?" appear on a slate. She had to marry him so she could learn how to say "Yes" with spirit raps I — Russell Swann has been held over for two months at London's Dorchester

Hotel. --- Jane Thurston ironing out legalities but has all intentions of taking out the show as soon as possible. --- That 12 page blast at me was held up after la3t month's issue. Sorry. It was interesting readlng^j^yQ^^^^^^^

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