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Always consider the five bottom oards as a unit or hand. By removing one oard from bottom, the new set of five makes a different hand. The removals and hands are as follows:

As is Drop one Drop two Drop three Drop four Drop five

Straight - Flush - Straight flush

One pair Two pair Three of a kind Four of a kind Full house

A greater percentage of the time, a straight flush (or Royal flush) will be asked for, and it is always ready without removals. And for the others it will be seen that the number of cards to be removed coresspond with the type of hand.

So much for that part. Wow follow the handling of the cards with the deck in hand. The simplicity of the moves may be a bit disturbing if you don't follow through.

Sit down at the table, and give the deck a number of riffle shuffles without disturbing the bottom ten. Ask 3orisone to name the hand (type) they want you to get. With right thumb at rear, count off the right number of cards and cut to top, continuing with another shuffle or so. Now stop and ask someone how many hands are in the game. As you ask this, the slight stall enables you to thumb count five cards at bottom, and left little fingers holds the break.

Now deliberately deal out the hands, giving yourself the last one. As you deal yourself the last card, look up and ask the players to turn up their hands and see what they have. At this moment your right fingers and thumb square together the oards on table In front of you, with fingers at front end and thumb at rear end of packet. This packet is deliberately lifted, and deposited on top of the pack in your left hand, the right fingers and thumb grasping the entire deok (except five cards below little finger break), and the deck is placed on table with right hand, a bit to the left of where your left hand has been resting at finish of the deal. As deck is put on table, the left hand holding five cards turns them over as they are brought up before you as with any ordinarily picked up hand, and the right hand comes back and helps to spread them as you glance them over.

The whole thing is just done continuously, and believe it or not, (you will when you've tried it out) it is deceptive enough to get past good card men, and 1 don't mean the average magician; I mean veteran card players. Mainly it is because the deal has been fair, and the underhanded business comes in at the moment whan players are wondering what they have and start to look at their hands.

An all around gambler and old time shark was oaught on this and says it original and better than a similar method of handling. So that's the most I can say.

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