Act Ii Hoot Nanny

In a Chinese Courtyard—With AH F00 YU and hia Bewitched Crock

Electrick! A Mystery for the Ages.

Now the Funnel Begin

WINCHELI. OUTDONE. She Crawla THRU a Keyhole DOWN ON THE FARM With the Eight Farmerette! Schottiache

The % Australian Boomerangs Bumpkin*. Holiday Some Soft Cider

Intermiaaioa (Distribution of Soimnin) ACT III Toylnnd

In a Toy Shop

Chefs Special

The Doves and the Druggist Animated Knots Those Steel Rings ZERELDA, She Dances! Oh, how she dances! Syl Hewette, the Snip Artist Skeleton Ballet Iowa Corn

The Nation Speaking FANASIA. People from the audience will change places INVISIBLY THE CHIMPANZEE AND THE CLOWN PIERROTS FROLIC PAGLIACCI'S NIGHTMARE (Finale)

Ten minutes after final curtain the Entire Company will hold a


Crystal Curtains in Chinese scene from Goodyear Rubber Co. Toyland Setting by Wallance Scenic Studios. Costumes by Maizie Hausman. Prop construction by Wm. Clark. Mathematics inAct I courtesy of RoyalV. Heath. Press Representatives, Conley & Muni.

Copyrighted 1941 by H. L. Weber, 1380 Broadway, N. Y. C.

feel this version of the 15 Card • Pass far surpasses any other in regards to method and presentation. Any pack of cards (no duplicates) and Some envelopes may be borrowed and are all that you need.

With a person standing at your left, and another at your right, the cards are produced and given the right hand assistant. He shuffles and counts 10 onto your right hand. They are sealed in an envelope by the helper and his initials put on the outside. The man on the left next shuffles the cards and counts 10 of them face down on your left hand - the rest being laid aside.

The left person takes his cards among the audience and has two selected and narked. They are returned to the group which is shuffled once more. These are sealed in the second envelope and the left man's initials placed thereon.

Each assistant now holds his own envelope and the spectator's name their chosen cards. The cards invisibly pass. The man on the left opens his envelope to find only 8, a checkup showing the named cards gone. The man on the right opens his envelope to find 12 inside, and from them'takes the two chosen pasteboards which are given out for the marked identification to be verified.

Apparatus and Setup:- Three envelopes are needed. In #1 place any 8 cards from any deck and seal. On the outside mark the initials of the person who will be the left hand assistant. In #2 envelope place any other 2 cards from same pack. #3 envelope is empty.

All 3 envelopes are put into your inside coat pocket with #2,flap uppermost, next to your body followed by #1, flap outward, and then #3 on the outside. A pencil in your breast pocket, the balance of the deck in your lower right vest pocket completes the quick and easy setup.

Routine:- Give deck to man on R. He shuffles and deals 10 cards face down on your R. hand. Take deck with L. hand and give to man on your L. Your L. hand then removes envelope #3 (empty) from pocket. It is given, along with counted cards, to man on R. who seals them up. During this take, with your R. hand, the pencil from intPASSo/

pocket. After the sealing take it with L. hand, flap uppermost, ask the R. hand man his first and last initials, write them on flap, and have them verified by him.

Next have deck shuffled, by man at L. During this replace pencil in the breast pocket and transfer the sealed, initialed envelope to R. hand. Now 10 cards are counted onto your L. hand. With cards still in hand remove pencil with R. hand and then give cards and pencil to L. man for his trip into the audience. He is to have 2 cards selected from the bunch, have them marked, have them returned, and mix the group well. Before he leaves take back the balance of deck which you place in your L. coat pocket with L. hand.

Upon his return to your side take pencil back with your L. hand and he gives an additional shuffle to the cards. As you talk,and while he works, replace pencil with L. hand. Then transfer sealed envelope from R. hand to L. hand. The L. hand now goes inside your inside coat pocket, leaves behind the sealed envelope, and removes the other two envelopes (#1 and #2). In appearance, if anyone notices at all, you've merely removed another envelope.

The top envelope, flap uppermost, contains the 2 extra cards. The bottom (sealed) envelope, flap down, contains 8 cards and has on It (assistants can't see) the initials of the person on your L. Please don't hurry this exchange. It isn't necessary, and on trial you'll see why.

Take the cards from the L. man with your R. hand and place them in envelope holding the 2 extra cards. R. hand then gives this envelope to L. man for sealing. Here I would like to remind that no one can look back and suspicion that 2 cards were added, as this envelope contains 2 less cards at the finish of the effect.

The R. hand now takes the sealed envelope from L. man and places it on top of the envelope in L. hand, flap uppermost. Then you ask the L. assistant ror his initials. You remove pencil with R. hand, thank him, and put down the initials of your R. hand assistant instead. Replace peivcil and go into your build-up. Pass the envelopes from hand to hand as you speak to or mention each assistant. Let each then have his own (?) envelope. Leave them and conclude the effect from a distance as the mechanics of the trick are over.

Don't make the mistake of using a table to hold the cards, envelopes, and pencil. By forgeting a table, all the moves as given are necessary ones which serve to cover perfectly the envelope exchange.

The strong features of my method for this old classic include: cards and envelopes may be borrowed (In doing this don't say how many you need. When your host hands you the envelopes keep three and give back the rest, saying, "Thank you, I will only need two of them."); it can be done anywhere under any conditions; all shuffling and selecting is genuine and free; the easy exchange,quite unsuspected because the other cards haven't yet been sealed; the clear fact that but two envelopes are used; the elimination of all sleights, duplicate cards, and the unnecessary stack of envelopes; and the initialing of the selected cards to prove that the miracle of flight really has happened. It is an effect that must be tried, not just read and forgotten.

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