I know that this must sound difficult hut it is far from being

S'T In the first place, although the performer stands as p-r diagram and with h is back turned towards committee,the biin ifold is faked in your favorite way as long as performer can s=e straight ahead. I s i nee re ly advise the oil folded handkerchief ?.s the best. H is simple and looks like just what, it is - a handkerch ief. I never did like the tricky looking blindfolds that are obviously made up for that purpose. Use something ord inary locking and something always on hand. have it folded' over and over from opposite corners until the rolls meet at the center, tow fold and put into pocket. Use a large sise man's handkerchief, »hen it is on you can see through the one thickness and that is the point.

Utand in your corner and direct the proceedings up to the point where you ask the audience to remember what the committee is thinking of. Then, waving his hand back towards blackboard, the performer says, 'How gentlemen,erase the ^^ M blackboard and leave it clean so that there is no trace of what ycu

£ # may have placed there'. AND A3 THI? TKVflIRE IP MATE, T0U PWIV1

^ VA # HALF »HOUND AND IN A FTAT.T YOU HAVE THE INFORMATION YOU NEE?! Yon ^^ J swing right back into position but for 1 split second you have gestured as you talked and did what any natural person would and therefor3 I'll guarantee that that no natural person ■■1 11 ever see it. Resides, they are used to being turned away from blackboard and they know you are blindfolded. And last of all, tley don't know yet exactly what you are gc i.ng to dc.

■•ow the committee comes ever to you and leads you to blackboard. I advise that you close your eves the moment, you have seen what you want to see inJ don't open then again for any reason. You don't, need them anymore and you w i 11 ac t perfect ly natural whenyouare lead hack and when you do your writing. Just write is | — a » ^ - f *

best you can. You will be legible enough and the greatest actor in the world would have i hard time m J

faking t] is ¡tart. However, if you keep your eyes ^f closed you can't lelp but ho it right.

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