This effect ha a been worked up from a number of Ideas and angles heretofore known by a few people If not by many. Together they make an excellent and tested routine with silks.

From a proven (?) empty box of small proportions are produced three allk handkerchiefs of the 18 Inch alze. One by one these handkerchiefs are disappeared by rolling them Into the hands In the approved classical fashion. And then, with something of a flourish, the three alike are reproduced from the hands, knotted together In a string! The string of silks are rolled Into a ball and tucked Into a glass. The glass Is held upward as the magician utters a toast to something or other. He picks up a goblet with his left hand and proceeds to pour Into It a libation of wine which he sips, places aside, and goes ahead with the show. It has been a nloe opening number.

The box, as seen by the diagrams, Is possible of being opened from the front and on the top. At the top of each side Is a small half-circle cut-out for future ease In handling. There Is a small crossclece between the two upper front corners and the covers may be made so as to fit a bit snugly when In place, doing away with the need of catohes. This box should be about four to four and one-half Inches on all sides.

An Insert Is now constructed so as to fit easily Inside the first box when dropped In at the top. It Is merely a oube of five aides but having no sixth.

Another, and master, devloe Is now made to fit easily Inside the Insert. This is a cube of four sides, as pictured, the two missing sides being at the top and front. A mirror la set In place from the upper front corners to slant backwards to the lower rear corners.

The outside of the original box with lids Is painted or stained as mahogany. The first Insert oube Is made of wood or stained to look like a bare and unfinished block of wood. The so-called "master" cube doesn't have to be finished at all except on Its bottom where it oust resemble exactly the outside appearance of the second or insert cube. The inside surfaces of all three parts are painted white and then marked with black lines as illustrated. This gives a clear view of all inside spots (?) with the lines acting, eventually, as dlslocators of vision.

Suppose there Is a load of silks put behind the mirror of the "master" cube. Then suppose the Insert cub were to be dropped over this device. An apparently solid cube results, show-able from all sides. Put this on a table handy. Show the box empty very free-like, opening the top and front doors. And, with a remark that there is"nothing hidden that one can't see" you pick up the block, drop it into the box and take It out again. The empty box is closed and a production made.

In short, the block loads the unprepared box with a mirror device. The box appears as empty, after the block is plucked therefrom, as it did when the apparently solid block was dropped in.

Next we must check the handkerchief necessities. Host readers will assume that if three are vanished singly and three reproduced knotted a contingent of six hanks are needed. But only five must he bought. The prioe for the other silk can go for the hank vanishing ball, a familiar if painful thought.

a regulation "pull" is also needed, if one wants more discouragement, but when it is considered that the effect is worthy of being introduced as a superlative opening, these get-togethers mean little. The "pull" is arranged around the body so as to be accessible on the left side. Tucked Into the trouser pocket It should be depended upon to stay there, ready.

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