Tori Letter

There are too many tricks which seen to have no reason or excuse for what occurs. As one person remarked to us,when a late amateur of high renown and exalted position made an alarm clock vanish from one side of his cluttered-up stage only to reappear, ringing raucously upon the other, "Why?"

The effect which follows is not too much better, but the several who have been asked about it have said that some sort of an idea was there. Sb, we've tried to give the thing a theme and let it go at that. Undoubtedly you and you can find a better application as far as the audience is concerned.

The magician picks up a packet of 4 inch square papers. "I have here," he says, "the 26 letters of the alphabet cut from a type of paper not available to the public. You, sir," addressing some member of the audience, "will please think of someone who was a close relative or friend - someone not now living - what is the initial of his first name?"

Let us suppose the letter mentioned to be II. The performer hands the packet co the person with the request that he look through - they all are in order - and remove that particular one.

Curing this interval the nysticist shows two slates. "These are available to the public," he says, "and we shall use them in a way to prove beyond reasonable doubt that something strange is at work here tonight."

He openly shows the slates to be clean of anything foreign and at the same time marks the sides 1,2,3 and 4. Put together,, the slates are handed to the spectator as the performer takes back the letter, in this case, U.

"When people or things on this earth are destroyed," he continues, "the meaning, the spirit, or the soul flies into another level of being." The performer, during this, is tearing the lettered paper into strips and the strips into parts. He makes them into a flat bundle and approaches the man with the slates.

Opening the slates Just a little he definitely drops the paper within. And he takes back the remainder of the alphabet papers when he steps away.

"Now let's see if conditions are right for a successful contact with your thought in what spiritualists see fit to call "the happy sunner-land".

the magician paces back and forth several times, covering a short distance. No talk is necessary. The audience always waits. Then the spectator is asked to get up and come forward. He opens the slates.

"Take the paper", says the performer, who then takes the slates. He shows the inside surfaces. Upon one slate appears a message somewhat like this, "Dear Harry} Conditions are good here. It's not the same as before but I'm as happy as I deserve to be. I've put my initial back together again in case Annemaxm (or your name) wants to make contact for someone else."

The performer looks at his subject, "You are Harry?" And when the person admits it, he further asks, "Open tip the pieces of paper."

The torn pieces are in restored fashion and the letter If goes back to the packet. And there isn't anything to

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