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Trianon Room, Hotel Ambassador, Hew York City, March 26, 1937. Time: 12 minutes. Reviewed by Theo. Annercann.

1 Entrance with lighted cigarctte which was vanished completely and after a bit of talk reproduced from trouser leg. Then vanished for second time.

2 ittiite hank taken from pocket and color-changed to red through hand. After discussion as to proper ways of wearing differently colored silks, a visible change was made of the red to a blue silk. Finally the blue silk was vanished.

3 The torn and restored napkin trick was next with the usual sucker explanation.

4 Finale was a combination book test and slate test, using a script book of the play "Dead End" in which Blake currently appears. Column of figures were added to select page, and a passage being read, it was found on the inside of two slates previously examined and held by a girl from audience.

•Mr. Blake has an extremely direct and easy way of working. While it might have seemed slow to magi, it was paced with the atmosphere of this 3pot. Talks quite a bit giving subtly humorous and human reasons for what he does. Bis dress and deportment stand him well for the ultra, intimate swanky rooms. This closed his ninth consecutive week at this place.

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