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We first saw Frederick Eugene Powell In a little town near waverly when he was on one of his last Lyceum circuits. His magic, as we look back now, was of the old 3chool sort over-laping a new era. But never can be erased our feelings and thoughts as he unfolded mystery after mystery, and to-day we still have reverence for his faultless manner of working together with a confidence and kindness born of gentlemen and world travelers. The passage of a borrowed ring into an unprepared egg can well be used to-day for in my notebooks I can find no way of making the trip more magically without apparent sleights and unnecessary actions.

As an experiment in the fourth dimension the Invisible penetration of an egg is about the best possible example, so says the wizard. A number of eggs are given into the keeping of a spectator. In this day apd age it might be a very cute ancle to present some lady with a dozen "boxed" eggs as purchaseable, and after she has selected one for the experiment later, to leave her with the rest of them for subsequent disposal at home on following mornings.

Or, a ring can be requested of a lady, and in return the performer gives her a dozen eggs as security. This should cause great amusement.

The performer says that he does not desire ever to touch the ring, and it is placed by the donor onto a hook at the end of a very thin wand or stick. Retlreing to the platform the magician lights, with his free hand, a metal bowl, which burns freely. He holds this on his hand and dips the borrowed ring into the flames. THE RING, DIPPED IN AND OUT, IS SEEN TO MELT AWAY.

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The bowl Is placed aside and,after due regards for the unknowns who must have a lot of leisure time to accomodate the desires of mortal magi, the lady selects freely one egg from her lot (Frank Lane undoubtedly would make some ungainly "aside" about her husband) and puts It on a plate held by the sorceror. without touching It by hand he breaks it with the end of his hooked Stick, plunges same inside the shell, and hooks out the actual ring which the owner takes from the wand herself.

This, undoubtedly, is about the easiest of the otherwise difficult tricks. The ingenious gadgets, flaming bowl and tray or plate, are~ non-mechanical accessories par excellence.

Around the edge of the bowl is a trough in which ia placed tallow and hemp to make a grand looking flame which appears to be shooting from the entire bowl. Underneath is a hook upon which hangs a dummy ring made by forming into a circle and twisting the ends to make what might be the stone of a ring, "fuse wire" obtainable from electrical stores. This is thick, depending upon the resistance you want, and is used in the proper places throughout your home to keep short circuits from annoying the company itself. If the curling iron wire gets frayed, only your Immediate household reaps the benefit of the blackout. This wire melts at very low temperature.

In the center of the bowl ia a conical tube, its wide part at the top, and its lower end open through the bottom of the bowl.

The plate upon which the lady lays the egg which she selects is of metal enameled white. The 3ketch will make its construction clear. In the center of its surface is an elongated hole upon which an egg can rest. It is covered at each performance with a piece of enameled paper slightly depressed in the glueing. The double plate is solid around its edge except at one point where an opening allows of the. ring being Inserted. The ring slides into position beneath the paper covered hole and remains ready for its capture by the hooked wand when the egg is broken open and plumbed from above.

It should be clear now that the performer obtains the ring on his wand, lights the fire, and in the dipping of the ring into the flames lets it fall through the tube into the hand holding the bowl. The substitute ring is hooked in its place and over the flames 13 seen to melt away. Then the plate Is picked up, the original ring allowed to find its place, and finally the freely selected egg is pierced to p;Ive up its contents (?). At no time has the performer's hand touched the ring.

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