Ring In Transit

Eddie Clever

Of all the classics of magic, the 'Flying Ring' effect is one of the prettiest. In this masterful method however, NO PULL OR BODY ATTACHMENT IS USED. The effect is just the same as with the original version wherein a borrowed ring passes from one hand to the other wihile they are enclosed with handkerchiefs, which also may be borrowed. Follow the instructions as given here and you'll have one of the nicest program effects you have ever used.

Duplicate a wedding ring in the Woolworth Stores. Good imitations are to be had there and with this in your right vest pocket, two men's handkerchiefs and two rubber bands complete the preparation. Place the two handkerchiefs on the table hanging over the edge and with the two ends on the table close together. Get the ring on your first finger of the right hand and keep this finger folded into palm. Go into the audience and ask

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