Paper Cup And Silk Routine

Requirements are three paper cups, two silks, a small container of water, and a paper cone. One of the cups is bottomless. Two are loaded with silks by sealing them compactly in the bottom with paper discs and melted parrafln.

Nest the cups with the bottomless one at top. First show the inside of the nest and then separate to show unprepared (?). Re-nest the cups in the same order, and pour in the water. Remove the bottomless cup as though it contained water, place it in cone which is then crushed and tossed aside.

Apparently produce the water in the two remaining cups, pouring it from one to the other. From one empty cup produce a silk by pushing the sealed disc in. Pour water from second cup Into empty one and produce the second silk In the same manner. Now drink the water, toss the cups aside, and proceed with some number using the two silks.

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