New Torn Cigarette Paper Wrinkle

Versions of the torn and restored cigarette paper with duplicate waxed to thumb nail were deceptive close-up methods. For a small audience and under more stringent conditions, try this.

Wax rolled duplicate to front or ball of the thumb Instead, this portion of thumb being kept downward while presenting. Thumb should be dry and free from perspiration. For best results, apply wax, either diachylon or magician's wax, after slightly warming.

In presenting, after tearing and rolling the first sheet, remove the duplicate roll, squeeze the two together, and show them as one between the thumb and first finger, the torn packet a-galnst the thumb. This Is pressed into the wax as the whole sheet Is transferred to the fingers of the opposite hand, and is easily kept from view as you proceed with the restoration. This stunt will bear repetition by rolling and apparently discarding the whole 3heet, detaching and discarding the torn packet Instead, affixing the whole sheet roll to the thumb In its place.

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