Matter Of Policy


Here is a funny adaptation of an old, old principle in "The Magician's Own Book" by Cremer. I've used it once and presented in this manner it seems to grow on the audience until, at the finish, they are howling. The performer says that after Mr. Roosevelt went into office, he gave Mr. Farley a free hand with all patronage. Everybody, of course, knows Mr. Farley to be a politician of the ne plus ultra type, and thereby hangs a tale. As the story goes, it was very necessary to curtail all waste and slash expenses wherever possible. Everyone knows about the wage-cuts and lay-offs that took place in the departments under the esteemed Mr. Farley's jurisdiction. In his own office he decided to cut the force in half from ten to five. A glance at his now famous card index system however, put him in a dilemma. Five were Republicans and five were Democrats. Now Mr. Farley obviously couldn't do what he'd like to do, so he decided to be eminently fair and give everybody a chance.

Stalking into his office he announced that the cutting down of the help would be left to chance. He had them stand in one line and started counting from one end, eliminating every fifth man. Over and over the line counted Mr. Farley until only five were left. Then he took the rest of the day off, satisfied that he was doing his bit towards keeping this country a democracy.

In presenting this story, the performer has ten Giant size cards. Five of them have, on the face side, a drawing of the Democratic mule — and the other five contain a picture of the Republican elephant. Nothing else is necessary except an audience. And don't think they won't get a kick out of this. Have the ten cards in the order given in the illustration reading from top down. "R" stands for Republican and "D" for Democrat. Stand

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