Magical Club Program19

pxng. When finished, have paper (folded about to size) in right hand. Step over and pick up frame with the right hand (you are at left of it) and place it on chair seat leaning against the back. The fingers of right hand holding paper have gone in back (thumb in front) for a second, and the plain paper has been dropped in the spacious pocket. As the frame is set in place, the right hand secures the correct dial and the hand reappears apparently holding same paper. This positively is a natural bit of business. Another possible switch coming to mind is with a variated chair servante. Retain the bag part but elongate the clip part so as to hold at least five of the dials. With the right hand holding paper, move the chair into position by the back, and make the switch while with left hand you place any sort of background into position on the seat.

As "The Jinx" is fundamentally an offering for advanced magicians, I have no qualms of conscience in leaving this part mainly to its readers? And with that, I leave you to think about an effect quite original and one to make your audiences remember the fact that you are 'different from the others.'

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