Magical Club Program

names the time, it is necessary only to exchange the paper in hand for the one set at the next closest five minute interval and use up approximately that amount of time in the apparent tearing. This tearing or cutting should not be precise or too artistically perfect in accomplishment. And please remember that it is more a clever effect of skill rather than a mysterious trick.

For the exchanging, individual genius may again be brought to play on the problem. Mr. Clark used a double chair seat, under and around it being the prepared papers folded into packets

about three by six inches in size. After folding and tearing the plain sheet, it would be drawn over the seat edge to further crease into a small package, and at the same time left behind while the correct one was pulled forth. My own idea for this is to have a background of black cloth mounted on a wooden frame. Across the back of the bottom, and about five inches deep, is a loose piece forming a pocket. On the back of this piece of cloth are enough pockets to accomodate the necessary prepared dials. Have this in front of the chair and resting on the floor against the seat. When ready for the trick, ask for the time, pick up the plain sheet, and start folding and tearing, or folding and clip-

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