Club Act of Magic

In this one man magical program for clubs and homes there are seven effects, although The Itinerant Dollar tricks runs a little longer than the others and makes use of practically three different tricks. The routine, as a whole, runs about twenty-five minutes and is effective for an audience of from 10 to 250 people.

The program below is listed in the order of performance. The routine consists of equally effective items and is entirely varied in type. There is no conflicting of ideas, and the two starting items, which blend together, make an opening that allows of an audience settling down before the real serious business is begun.

Too many times an audience will take their time about quieting down, and if one waits until they are ready, he'll have quite a wait. However, once started, the onlookers will quiet down by themselves during the first trick or so.

Here is the program in correct order:

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