Cahd In Hand

Page 522

I realise as I start to write this effect out that there isn't much to it that can be forceful in print. However, it has proven its worth for ten years and several of the professionals to whom I have shown it claim that it's the best close up effect for night club tables that they could want. Just do it a few times and listen to the comment. It's extremely good when worked on a lady.

The usual card is chosen and returned. In order to vary my selection methods and get away from the too familiar "take a card" I use, for this effect, a very cute wrinkle taught me many moons ago, by Burling Hull. Hold thé deck face down in the left hand and riffle the outer end. "/hen the spectator stops you, lift up the upper portion and have the spectator note the top card of the lower half. He replaces it and the right hand (turn back to page 521}

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