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1) The Reformed "Party Girl" About her: She is a "physical type. This type of woman is one who used to have nights when she would go out with the girls, flirt with the guys, maybe even had one night stands. She may be in a long term relationship now or may have settled down due to her age, responsibilities and stage in life. Yet there is still a part of her that yearns for those "wild days" and remembers how good they were. Maybe she was quite the seductress and could get any guy into her.

What she needs: A taste of the wild side.

How to seduce her: Cross her path and offer her the chance to experience even just one night of her "wild days". Talk about her old party days, what she used to do, what she enjoyed about it. Then go DO it. Go out on the town, to her old spots, do some of the things she used to do, party it up and their old ways will come back.

What to remember: Make her think she is the one corrupting you, and seducing you and introducing you to the "wild side".

2) The Hopeless Romantic

About her: This type of woman is one who has a rich inner world of fantasy and dreams. She imagines one day meeting the man of her dreams who will sweep her off her feet and take her away from life's day to day concerns. She longs to live in the world of Love, Romance, and rich emotions - and she does this through the Romance novels that she reads, the Soap operas, when she goes to that Romantic comedy at the movies. They may have had to settle for an "ordinary guy" at some point but a part of them still yearns to be swept away. They may suppress their passion in life and it may come out in their home furnishings, the pictures they put on their walls, and their love for art and music.

What she needs: Romance, the illusion of the ideal lover, scarcity and mystery.

How to seduce her: Give her just a part of what she wants, like a touch of Romance - and mystery. Let her imagine the rest. In this type of woman, for seduction purposes, less is more. Her inner world of fantasy is far richer than what you could create with your words. Talk with her about her ideas of the ideal man, the ideal romance, the ideal relationship. Open up this world within her, show a few romantic gestures and then make yourself scarce - yet balancing and at the same time acting out that scarceness with romantic gestures that show you're thinking about her.

What to remember: Never let reality break the "Romantic" illusion.

3) The Daddy's Girl

About her: This type of woman was spoiled as a child. She was given everything her heart desired as a child and as she grew older, she became bored and now continually looks for variety, switching from person to person and place to place before boredom sets in

What she needs: Variety, to be pampered, a daddy figure.

How to seduce her: The key is to offer Variety. Provide a lot of distraction - new places to go, new things to do, new things to discover. Maintain a certain mystery to your character as well so that she is continually discovering new things about you. Once they get hooked, they can grow dependent on you, just as she would a daddy figure.

What to remember: Never offer a long term relationship to these types, instead focus on spoiling them and offering new and exciting things and as they grow dependent on you, they will be the ones to initiate a long term relationship. Focus on variety. They are looking for the one person - the parental figure, who can give them the spoiling that they crave.

4) The Conservative Girl

About her: This type of girl is ultra concerned with appearances and what is "proper". These are girls who have their "Rules" and they are afraid of looking like a slut. Since they are so concerned with what is "proper" the opposite is secretly true as well. They are fascinated by the improper, and deep down are intrigued by dark sinful passions. They sense this and run The other way. Remember the "Shadow" theory -that we all have both a side we show the world and a shadow. The more extreme the character trait, the more extreme the shadow is. What she needs: To be awakened to their shadow.

How to seduce her: Make her aware of her shadow. Draw her in to the "helping you reform" mode. Give them opportunities to let go of their self control and to let their shadow out. Synesthesia demos work well with this type of girl, allowing her passion to come out in the form of a symbol/color and then symbolically amplifying it and fractionating it. spreading it throughout her body.

What to remember: Don't pay attention to what they say, pay attention to what they do. Get them to open up their shadow side by talking about it and doing things that would get them to imagine it and then let it out.

5) The Innocent Virgin

About her: This type of girl is inexperienced. She is intensely curious about the ways of the world and about sex. She is still idealistic and wants romance. Most of her ideas of what sex and romance is like come from the media and from movies and romance novels. She is secretly intrigued by the wild side of sex and wants to experience all the things she's heard about.

What she needs: To be corrupted, romanced, swept away and shown the ways of the world by someone with experience

How to seduce her: Talk about all the things that she is intrigued by, about sexuality and the kinds of things that people do sexually. Give her the hint that you are very experienced sexually and take on the frame that you are opening up a new world to her. a touch of romance with a touch of corruption.

What to remember: Don't go overboard with the corruption, she may get scared away. Keep it romantic and idealistic. Get her to fantasize and lead her imagination down the path of fantasy. Then give her opportunities to open up slowly to this sexuality. Make it corrupt as well at times, talking dirty to her during sex, experimenting with every kind of sexual kink that you know of or have experience with.

6) The Drama Queen

About her: This type of woman always has some drama going on and without it gets bored very easily. Since the pain of drama is actually a source of pleasure for her, she is attracted to the "jerk" type of guy and unconsciously craves to be mistreated. She may have grown up in a family where dad was verbally or physically abusive and this has set up her patterns for what she is comfortable with and what she has known all her life. They despise "Nice guys" and see them as wussies. They confuse meanness with confidence and arrogance with assertiveness. They love to complain to their girlfriends about how badly you mistreat her.

What she needs: Drama and someone to be a jerk to her

How to seduce her: Give her what she wants. Draw her in first and then push her away. Go Hot and then Cold. Ignore her some days. Make comments about how hot other chicks are and never compliment her. She needs to make the connection that her giving you pleasure equals you being nice at first and then mean to her. They unconsciously love the drama and love to be treated like shit once in a while.

What to remember: Only be nice after you've mistreated her, never before. If you are nice to her before you've been mean, then you run the risk of her flipping the roles and creating an argument with you so that she can start the drama cycle which will lead to the nice make up feelings afterwards. The only time you give her nice treatment is when you are making up for how mean you've been to her. "Make up" niceness is the only kind of niceness that is seen as real to them.

7) The Codependent

About her: This type of girl probably grew up in a dysfunctional family where the burden of "fixing" things fell on her. She is attracted to people with problems because when they can "help" someone who has problems it secretly gives them a sense of superiority. These type of girls are good listeners and will try to get you to spill your guts about any issues. They will be supportive and mothering.

What she needs: To feel like she is "saving" you.

How to seduce her: Let her get the sense that you have had to deal with a lot of issues and that you are troubled. That you've done bad things in the past and that you feel guilty as well as being sad about never finding someone to feel connection with. You have problems and you draw her in by talking about your feelings to her, talking to her about issues (whether real or made up). Be troubled, sad and vulnerable. You can also be the sexually troubled man with uncontrollable addictions that she needs to help you with.

What to remember: Always be the under dog, the one who gets the short end of the stick, the raw deal. Let her share your loss and to give you encouragement and feel like she's supporting you.

8) The Immature Mature Woman (MILF or Sugar Mama)

About her: This type of woman wants to hold on to her youth. She is older and has a high sex drive. She may not have done all the things that she wanted to do when she was young so is now trying to recapture her desirability. She may have been attractive and had guys all over her when she was younger but now that she has gotten older, she craves the attention that she once had.

What she needs: Attention from a young stud.

How to seduce her: Give her the attention that she once had. Make her feel desirable and sexy. She wants to feel young again and she's looking for a boy toy. Let her feel like she is corrupting you as well and showing you new sexual pleasures and opening up new worlds of experience to you. Be immature and crazy and act like teenagers together. She wants to do things like make out in a movie theatre and go have sex in the back of the car afterwards. She wants to go to a hill overlooking the city lights and make out like a teenager.

What to remember: Don't forget that she wants to be both the sugar mama and the teenager at the same time. Act immature and bring out the immature behavior in her. Do sexually adventurous things with her. Spontaneous sex and sex in public places apply.

About her: This type of woman has always been lusted after for her looks. Guys will either be intimidated by her or will flock around her to feed their lust. She may have only have developed her appearance and may be lacking in depth of character or knowledge - but not always. She is most insecure about her looks because it is often the only thing that sets her apart and makes her special. Because she is always pursued by men, she secretly wants a man that she will have to work hard to get. She longs to be valued for her personality, intelligence, and character. Thus she often feels alone - alienated by both women and men who never see past her appearance to who she is as a person.

What she needs: Someone to see her as a person, to stimulate her mind and value her for her personality, character and intelligence.

How to seduce her: Treat her like a normal person. She has to choose you. Don't focus on her appearance yet don't ignore it altogether because of her insecurities. Draw her in and then play Hot and Cold with her so she can feel like she needs to work to get you. Demonstrate value.

What to remember: Steal her frame of being the object of desire. See past her appearance and make her earn your affection.

10) The "Novel" girl

About her: This type of girl goes for all things that are exotic and different. For example this is the white chick who loves ethnic guys. They may also be intrigued by different world religions and into "New Age" and yoga or they may be a Rebel punk rocker, or a girl from a small town who wants to see the big city. In any case their Identity is tied up in being different and unique. They really loathe their own culture and themselves at a deep level and look to the exotic to give them temporary escape.

What she needs: A touch of the exotic, escape from normality

How to seduce her: Play up what makes you different, Peacock - the more extreme the better, vary it up often because what is exotic and novel now will soon become mundane and ordinary. Same with sex. These women LOVE doing kinky things and pushing the limits of sexuality. These are the types that end up having group sex and doing kinky shit with animals.

What to remember: Give them escape from the ordinary. But as much as you can offer the exotic to them, nothing will really offer permanent escape from themselves.

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