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This is about talking in a way that lets their imagination fill in the blanks.

For example, since women are always trying to interpret things rather than just taking them at face value, why not use that to your advantage.

For example when coming back from dinner on a first meeting with a woman, I may say something like, "You know, I love talking with you - I can't stay up late, but lets take this upstairs for a little while and see what happens, of course we would just be talking! - (said with a mischievous grin) -Notice that I also put in a false time constraint to build her comfort level.

In general the approach that I use for ambiguity is that I will say things that on the surface seem innocent (and if called on, that's of course the way that I meant them! ) but that can be suggestive as well if seen from a sexual perspective.

4) Eliciting sexual states and Building sexual rapport

See the section on Eliciting Sexual Values. This is one of the best ways to get a woman in a sexual state. Also check out the section on Building Sexual Rapport.

And check out the section on the "Pendulum affect" as well.

5) Using Contrast

This consists of Physically "moving toward" while verbally "moving away from" and switching back and forth between that and verbal "moving toward" with physical "moving away from" -

For example I may say, "You know, I don't know if it would ever work out between us... we're too different" while at the same time touching her or physically seducing her as if we were already sleeping together. And continue doing the same thing for awhile.

Then I would withdraw physically/stop touching her but say, "I love talking to you - you're not like any other woman that I've talked to." And continue doing the same thing for awhile.

This is more than just HOT/COLD and more than just PUSH/PULL. It is both all at the same time.

In other words I am purposefully incongruent with my words and my actions toward her. This not only throws them for a loop, but offers a challenge and they not only find this interesting, but also builds the attraction and sexual TENSION.

6) PHYSICAL seduction: (Massage, Using body language, gestures, and actions that assume that we are already sleeping together

- This includes the way I look at them and eye contact, the way I touch them, and even doing little things that assume sexual rapport as I mentioned before: like "Feeding them", sharing their drink glass at dinner, sharing dessert, touching their face/neck/lips -if even to "brush off some lint". See the section on Sexual Rapport.

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