To Trigger a womans Emotions

Here's ANOTHER POWERFUL WAY of getting a woman to FEEL. This is the "FILE SYSTEM" at work again.

Talk about a PLACE that she's attached an EMOTION to. Now there are some UNIVERSAL places - like take the BEACH for example.

I first got turned on to this idea when I was talking to a CHICK one day and she was talking about when she was a little girl. She said, "When I was little, there was this swing in the back of the house, and there was this little running brook there... and you could hear the sound of running water... and I used to go there for hours and just look up at the stars sometimes... I'd go there whenever I got upset or needed to be alone... I felt totally SAFE there"

I said to her, "You know you can STILL go there... whenever you feel upset or stressed... just close your eyes and see the swing... look up at the stars... hear the running brook... it's like you're there now... "

And she looked at me and said, "YOU make me feel totally SAFE!"

So as I further fleshed this concept out I worked out some basic principles:

1) Meet a woman WHERE SHE'S AT - mentally, emotionally, and physically. From here you can lead them into other places... or create new ones.

2) Find her LINKS between INTERNAL places and EXTERNAL places

Now this gets kind of DEEP so unless you're in the mood then just skip this part... but if you really want to learn some GREAT underlying principles then READ ON.

There is a differentiation between Internal reality and External reality, although without consciously thinking about it we experience the world as one Integrated reality. In fact, because we experience reality as this "Integration" of Internal/External factors, there is no "real time" distinction (without stepping ) between the two... hence my definition of an "anchor" is a "link" between the External and the Internal world. In other words, physically cueing the External world creates Internal cues through this link...

There are Internal Places (emotions/states) and External Places... and the two are often linked (anchored to each other). This brings me to elicitation/evoking emotions as a place... and importantly "places as emotions".

I'll ask a woman, "What is your favorite place in the world?... tell me about it..." or "If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?... " or "What was your favorite place when you were growing up?..." and as they describe the place... the FEELINGS start to come back.

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