They trigger her automatic responses

Now all chicks have an automatic response for a guy getting physical with them - It's just something that's BUILT IN - through evolution to protect their productive resources. And when you think about it, they HAVE to have this in place because then they would end up a being a HO or be pregnant their whole lives!

So what are the typical triggers? I'll list a couple: When a guy gets too sexual too fast

When a guy stops "talking" and just goes into LUST mode before she does

When she get the feeling that a guy just wants her for SEX or just sees her as an object

When a guy goes straight for the crotch -most of the time at least When a guy seems too eager to get down her pants When a guy seems sneaky and dishonest

You get the point. The key is to go slow, keep talking to her, be suggestive without being overtly sexual, and wait until SHE goes first with being physically sexual.

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