They take the first sign of resistance as failure

Now not all chick will go to bed with you the first time you make your move. Most of the times, chicks need REPEATED attempts where you FLIRT with her comfort zone. You know, every chick has a comfort zone - a line where things go from being Rated "R"

to being rated "X". And if you push that line too much, it may shut her down - so FLIRT with that line. When she offers resistance,

PULL BACK. And I'm talking ANY resistance - and I pull WAY back and go back into comfort building (MID GAME).

Then as I approach that line again, I can come that much CLOSER to that line until I have to pull back again. As this may be repeated several times, you get that much closer and closer to her comfort zone line until before she knows it, you're INSIDE her!

(I talk about this in my book in the chapter on the Gradient Principle)

Hypnotism and Self Hypnosis v2

Hypnotism and Self Hypnosis v2

HYPNOTISM is by no means a new art. True, it has been developed into a science in comparatively recent years. But the principles of thought control have been used for thousands of years in India, ancient Egypt, among the Persians, Chinese and in many other ancient lands. Learn more within this guide.

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