They go too fast and out of her sequence without amping up the desire enough

Remember, building desire is about building the sexual tension. Take time to let her get her buying temperature up. Tease her, play hot/cold, FLIRT with her comfort line (the line where things go from being rated R to being rated X) until SHE crosses it.

And go the typical "physical" sequence unless she gives you resistance - in which case you pull back to Mid Game, then as you go back into End Game, you test again at the NEXT higher level.

I call these "Courtship Stages" and I talk way more in depth about them in my book. These are the typical physical steps in a seduction. Now the order doesn't always apply, but for the most part they do. For example, if you go straight from "hand to hand"

to "Hand to Genitals", most chicks will resist. So know this natural sequence.

Here's an abbreviated version:

hand to hand => arm to waist => mouth to mouth => hand to head => hand to body => mouth to breast => hand to genitals => genitals to genitals or mouth to genitals

To wrap up, well there you have it guys, my top 10 End Game Mistakes and how to overcome them!

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