They follow Their Own automatic responses and dont make the bold move

You know that ONE POINT in the date, where you know it could go one way or the other. And you know that what you do at that point could MAKE or BREAK the seduction? Have you guys been there? I have - too many times, but I've learned something.

Too many times before I would just GO WITH THE FLOW, and to tell you the truth - that's just not conducive to seduction!

How many times have you been over at a chick's house, it's late at night and you can tell that it could be "Game On", and then she tells you, "It's getting late. I should go to bed" and you say, "Ok. well I enjoyed hanging out with you. and I'll talk to you later."

Then as you hear the door shut you're wondering where you went wrong. you could be in BED with her right NOW!

So how do you get over this? Well first of all, be AWARE of your automatic responses and hers as well. And know that you can use whatever a woman gives you. Like in the example above, what if you were to say. "Go to bed?! But I hardly know you! I'm not that easy. but I could be if you gave me a massage!"

So you see how you need to interrupt the auto-response! And humor works best followed up with a suggestive comment.

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