They engage her logical mind

Just imagine this: you're on the couch with a chick, maybe watching a movie or talking, and you start to notice the VIBE as the sexual tension is building. You know that it COULD be GAME ON if you play your cards right. Now what do a lot of guys do? They get all nervous at this point and start talking about GUY stuff. LOGICAL stuff like work, school, analyzing this and that. BIG mistake!

You want her logical mind OFF at this point. Don't say or DO anything that could engage her logical mind. You don't want her solving MATH while you're trying to get her in bed!

The focus should be on the FEELINGS. Get her arousal AMPED UP. Build the sexual tension. In my book, I go into depth on how to build this using a PROPULSION mechanism - and for those of you that don't know what that is, it's a motivational system where you have both PUSH from avoiding pain and PULL from pursuing pleasure.

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