The Principle that hopelessly draws her to you

The Contrast Principle

White is only as white as black is black.

Let me illustrate. Have you ever seen a chick that would go for BAD boy jerks... one after the other and then get tired of it and gor for a teddy bear NICE GUY, and when she tired of that she'd go for the BAD boy jerks again. We'll she's one that needs CONTRAST.

One is only as good as the other is BAD... but then again, sometimes BAD can be GOOD!

We're always COMPARING and CONTRASTING. Like it or not, a woman is instantly comparing you to every boyfriend she's ever had... So don't you hate those guys that break the BELL CURVE!?

Well, now you can BE one of those guys...

So how does this apply to Seduction? Give her the best of BOTH... never be predictable... this HOT/COLD technique can create an underlying TENSION that will keep her HOOKED!

Another application is the "Baiting" technique where you may show an outward "Strong" side with a hint of inner "Sensitivity". This is also CONTRAST.

Hypnotism and Self Hypnosis v2

Hypnotism and Self Hypnosis v2

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