The One Thing that it would all come down to

A few years back, a good friend of mine Josh "Swinggcat" (check out his web site and ebook at and I were talking about distilling the core beliefs of guys that were successful with women.

Of course there were many qualities that we came up with from Flexibility, to Calibration skills, but one of the most important principles that came up was "Being the Prize".

So what does it mean to "Be the Prize"? Well, the CHICK equivalent to this concept is "BE A CREATURE UNLIKE ANY OTHER" - I'm those of you that have read that "RULE" book recognize this.

I would say that being the Prize means that you know at a deep level that you are a catch - that any woman would be lucky to be with you. You have Value.

Now here's an assignment:

1) I'd like you to make a list of all the things that you are good at and all the positive qualities that you have.

Everyone has these qualities and everyone is different. If you have any difficulty, have a female friend help you list out these qualities and abilities so that you have actual confirmation from a female. If you don't have a female available get an outside opinion from a friend.

2) Now, as you write out all these positive traits and qualities, take a "2nd person" perspective and start to form a mental picture of how someone would see you having all these traits and qualities.

3) Now I want you to physically STEP IN, that's right - get off your butt and STEP IN to where you see yourself

Now, you know you're great and you can have the quiet self confidence that if someone really knew you, they would think the same thing. If you get a response from a women that could've been viewed as negative before, from now on you know that it's either because they just don't know you yet or it's just their automatic behavior. The question is, do they deserve to be with you?

4) Cultivate yourself

Find the things you are good at, develop your interests, excel at what you choose as your interests, and live your life passionately. This is why women are attracted to men who are good at what they do and when a man excels in her presence. It has to do with demonstrating value to her

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