The Objection

She doesn't want to do something and she's a "polarity responder/mis-matcher". (Her sorting strategy is that she has to make up her OWN mind about things, if someone tells her something, she looks at all the reasons NOT to do it first, and what is NOT true about what is said first.)

The Response:

"Yes... actually you seem too NORMAL to do that... and maybe too old fashioned. You don't seem like the type of person who can just do this and have a great time... No, you SHOULDN'T do this, and you shouldn't be enjoying this, and you definitely SHOULDN'T just let yourself go with it!" Then do a take away and ACT uninterested.

5) Good old Guilt Objection destroyer The Objection:

She doesn't want to do something. The Response:

"It's ok then... you don't have to do this... even though it would be really nice of you... even though it would totally make my day... even though it would be totally special for me... maybe you just aren't that way... that's fine..." Then do a take away.

6) The "Trade" Objection destroyer The Objection:

She doesn't want to do something. The Response:

"OK, I'll tell you what... let's make a trade then... What would I need to do for you, for you to do this for me?" - Then listen and agree.

Another variation is the "Take turns" approach where you say,"Ok, you do this this time and next time it will be my turn."

7) The "What would need to happen" Objection


The Objection:

She doesn't want to do something The Response:

"So what would need to happen then for you to do this?"

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