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What a woman lacks

Where a

Seduction - What is

or wants more of

Sexual Dissatisfaction

woman is now

Sexual Anticipation




Present Context


Sexual Tension

I realized that there were several things that I was doing to create Sexual Tension in women. First I focused on building the Sexual Anticipation.

I do this by having women focus on why they like sex. And do this by asking "So what is it about sex that you really enjoy?" - and as they start to describe it, the tension for it within them starts to build. Then I ask, "So what would it be like to do this?" ...and the anticipation builds as they imagine it.

The other thing that I do is to create physical DISSATISFACTION with where their at now. In other words, I tease them physically and make them VERY HOT.

These 2 things together; The PULL of the Sexual Anticipation and the PUSH of the Sexual Dissatisfaction are what make up the Sexual Tension that DRIVES the Seduction.

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