The 3 Amazing questions that will cause a woman to JUMP you

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The Sexual Value/Quality "X"

What she wants in Sex

The Process Criteria

The End Value "Z"

What she gets from having what she wants - The FEELING is Evoked

Hew she knows/ that she has Value "X"

Now, would you like to learn 3 AMAZING questions that will get a woman to JUMP YOU!? Well, READ ON.

First of all, before even attempting this, there must be rapport. I make sure to only do this when I have her in a place where I can logistically close her... (i.e. you and her alone in a locked room (or private place) with little chance of interruption , whether that be at your place or hers or any other setup)...

This is also done as part of the "Impulse Close" to build up the chemistry and sexual tension where there is a phase shift into a sexual state.

1) The Sexual Value: X


The quality itself that a gal enjoys about sex and wants more of. (i.e. Romantic sex, Nasty sex, Bondage sex, taboo sex...)

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