Superficial This is what you want to avoid its fine early on but as you build rapport go for Deeper communication

Example - She says Dancing:

Guy "So where do you dance?"

Girl: At such and such club.

Guy: "So what kind of dancing do you do?"

Girl: Oh techno type

Guy: "So how long have you been dancing?" Girl: My whole life.

See where this goes... NOWHERE. But the thing is that MOST GUYS communicate like this!

Now contrast this to "Deep Communication" -("X" and "Y" just represent her specific responses that you can fill the blanks in with) Me: "What do you really enjoy?" Her: Dancing:

Me: "SO WHAT IS IT ABOUT dancing that you really enjoy?

Her: I really enjoy X and doing this type of thing. Me: "So when you're doing X, and you're really starting to get into it, what is this like?" (You are EVOKING THE FEELING NOW) Her: It's like "Y"

Me: "You know when I've danced before it's almost like your experience where you can do X and feel Y... it's just amazing" (And adding YOUR perspective using HER words!) -By now she's going glassy eyed because she's FEELING so GOOD.

Here's another example: She says "Music" I'd want to avoid "Superficial" responses like "What kind of music" "What groups do you like?" etc.

GO with Deep communication: Me: "SO WHAT IS IT ABOUT music that you enjoy?" or you could say, "SO WHAT DO YOU REALLY ENJOY ABOUT music?"

Her: She says "I feel X" or if she says I like "X". Then I'd say "So how does "X" make you feel?"

Me: So when you're listening to music and really feeling it... WHAT IS IT LIKE for you?"

Her: She says "Y"

Me: "I like that... You know, I know for me when I listen to music it's almost like your experience also where you can feel X and you start to Y it's amazing"

Again... Glassy eyed!

NOW what's MORE is that you can use this to get a woman into a SEXUAL MODE:

Me: "SO WHAT IS IT ABOUT sex that you enjoy?"

Me: "So when you have "X" and you're really enjoying it, WHAT IS IT LIKE?"

And Booom... she goes RIGHT INTO THE FEELING! - her mind has gone SEXUAL, you can BET that she'll be not only FEELING IT

PHYSICALLY - but that now she'll be much more receptive to SEX.

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