Specific vs Global

You can have a tendency to perceive things in terms of its parts

You're good at breaking down tasks and things into smaller parts

You're very detail oriented, You want details first

You can sometimes get caught up in the details, and miss the overall goal You feel like you need to have the details in sequence, what to do, where and how to begin, and what to do next

You need to know how each step contributes to overall goal

You need to have concrete examples

You talk and think in terms of generalities You're very Big Picture oriented You concentrate more on the overall direction of a project or task, rather than each step of the way You want to see the Big Picture first then the details

You can tend to summarize things using general terms and abstract examples

You may have difficulty following step by step procedures

You often talk about overviews, leaving out specific details

You may talk about events without attention to sequences

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