Seduction specifically to the woman

Everyone needs something. This is the key to Victim Theory. Find what your WOMAN needs or wants more of and then appear to be able to give it to them.

They will tell you too, either directly through words or actions - or indirectly through looking at their past relationships. It may be adventure, attention, romance, a naughty experience, mental or physical stimulation. Once you identify what it is that they lack, you can be the one to give it to them. Learn to see the reality behind the appearance.

Nobody in this world feels whole and complete. When you see the people around you, also notice what's MISSING in their lives. It's been said that someone who doesn't NEED anything CAN'T be seduced. So if they don't seem to have that NEED, CREATE one!

30 Second Seduction Secrets

30 Second Seduction Secrets

Discover Powerful 30-Second Seduction Secrets to Attract and Seduce Her From The Moment She Sees YOU. How to start attracting her from across the room, even before you say a single word to her. How to avoid the biggest mistake that most guys make around hot women, that can easily ruin their chances of ever seeing her naked!. How to make simple, quick and easy changes that can instantly establish your uniqueness and confidence, which are 2 of the most important things women look for.

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