Repeat back X Y Z

"So when you 're with this person where you 're having the most X sex, where you're/they're doing Y, and you feel this sense of Z ... This is what you really enjoy about it, isn't it..."

Now another Example:

1) "What is it about SEX that you really enjoy?" She may respond with "feeling skin on skin". (This is really Y... what they do. the rule. i.e. how they know)

Focus back on the quality:

"So what does feeling skin on skin give you?"

Then they may respond with something like "Closeness ". NOW, Closeness (X) is the quality that you are after.

2) "Closeness" (X Quality) ... "Skin on skin" (Y Rule) to the Interaction between the two (Z)

"SO WHAT IS IT LIKE when you have a sense of closeness with this person, where you can feel skin on skin... ?"

3) "Itfeels COMPLETE" (Z Interaction between quality and rule. i.e. WHAT IT GIVES THEM)

4) You then repeat it all back to them as you anchor the state.

"So say that you're with this person who is closest to you, where you feel this closeness, this feeling of skin on skin... where you feel this sense of completion... where this is something that you really enjoy and something that you want, isn't it..."

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