Realize that all women want something

Whether it be excitement, adventure, security, love, respect... whatever it is, you need to find out what it is that makes her happy and what makes her smile.

Find out her "criteria" for being happy. A Value

Elicitation could do this easily and give you her "criteria" ("How do you know when you have X?" and "What is it like when you have

A woman will choose a man that seems to be able to deliver. She has to know that you can deliver, and what is it that you are delivering really? - FEELINGS.

Many women have an underlying feeling that they are held captive by their work, life, bills,

REALITY... Why do you think that women go to "chick flick" movies, read romance novels, watch soap opera's? It's because they have needs that aren't being met and they are trying their best (unconsciously) to meet them. Work, home, bills, etc. - all things that

TAKE... and you are the one thing that seems to be able to GIVE. How can she resist?

Seduce Her With Laughter

Seduce Her With Laughter

You will discover knowledge that most men will never know -and will never fully understand. It will show you why women simply cannot resist a man that can make them laugh in a deep and satisfying way. Plus, it will even arm you with the tools to deliver exactly that kind of satisfaction and pleasure to women...with laughter. This report is about to give your power back to you! So that you can be in control of the situation and attract women to you whenever and wherever you want.

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