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Now, I KNOW this profile well. When I'm with a woman who is PHYSICAL in any way - like she may be into working out, running, sports - I start to paint this picture of HERSELF for her.

Now WHY do I do this - well this is what COLD READING is about and I do this so she'll know HOW TO ACT with me!

Ok, so when I say a woman is PHYSICALLY sexual, it does not mean that she doesn't feel emotions, but that she places her physical body 'IN FRONT' of her to protect her emotions, and therefore requires a great deal of physical attention. She experiences the world through her body. Now here's the material you can use for COLD READING with PHYSICAL females:

•A female can become physically sexual at a very early age if she receives a lot of physical attention from her father or if she is emotionally rejected.

•If a female is involved with an emotionally sexual male as an adult and he rejects her, she will become more physical.

•If a physical female is deprived of physical attention she'll become even more physical

•A Physical female wants to be the image of the perfect partner

•She is strongly influenced by how others see her, and is very eye-minded herself, so her dress and overall appearance become very important to her •She spends a lot of time keeping up her appearance •She tends to have more confidence in her attractiveness than the emotional female, and is more able to see her body as being satisfactory •The physical female wants to please her partner, and is deeply hurt if he criticizes the actions that she has taken to please him.

•In every respect the extreme physical female attempts to embody femininity, and the specific considerations detailed below can all be viewed in light of this attempt •She thrives on sex and looks at men sexually •She may perform sexually once a day or as much as five times a day •She can be somewhat vain and tends to exaggerate her need to prove she is feminine

•Generally, she may lack confidence in any situation where a deep emotional involvement is present •She has a tendency to be immature at times, and is usually extremely possessive •If the physical female is with a male who is withdrawn or undemonstrative, or who does not compliment her, she will feel rejected and become hurt or angry •She finds herself catering to her mate and can be easily hurt and controlled in a relationship because of her need and desire to be accepted •Usually she feels that she puts more energy into making a relationship work than her partner does.

•She needs plenty of personal attention and affection, such as having her hand held, doors opened for her, etc. •If she is accepted sexually and feels sexual gratification, she interprets this as emotional acceptance. •The physical female functions on physical feelings, and as a rule is very intuitive. She can therefore sometimes be irrational and it may be difficult to explain any logical idea or to discuss things with her when she is upset •She may like rough sex and heavily physical stimulation

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