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Now, the EMOTIONAL female is altogether DIFFERENT. You can tell these types by the SPACEY look in their eyes! Go to a NEW AGE convention and you'll find that most of these chicks are EMOTIONAL.

Now, the emotionally sexual female uses her emotions to defend her physical feelings. She has an inward emotional need that she feels must be satisfied and she therefore covers her physical need by exhibiting the OPPOSITE behavior and WITHDRAWING INTO herself.

Here's some of the material that you can use for COLD READING Emotional women:

•She usually has trouble expressing herself and tends to feel her emotions more deeply than she expresses them •She tends to be deeply devoted to work and career, and may even be into women's liberation groups •She is more likely to have female friends than the physical female (who considers other women a threat) and also openly admires other women's bodies •She looks for attractive points in other female bodies because she is never totally satisfied with her own •She dresses more conservatively than the physical type •The emotionally sexual female has sexual cycles, meaning that she usually feels the desire for sexual stimulation once every three to seven days, and sometimes only once a month.

•In the beginnings of a relationship, she wants sex often, but as the relationship goes on, her sex drive wanes.

•Immediately after sex she doesn't want to be touched

•She cannot become aroused if she feels overly possessed or if arguments precede sex

•Sexual stimulation starts with her mind, not in her body, so her mind has to be relaxed before she can enjoy sex

•A 100% emotionally sexual female will have little or no arousal from kissing or heavy physical stimulation and may even be irritated by it

•The Emotionally sexual female doesn't want to be expected to have sex. If she feels that her partner is coming home expecting sex, and if this feels like habit, she'll start to dread it and will begin to think of ways to avoid sex

•She may start to make up excuses not to have sex. And stay up late after her partner goes to sleep. She may fake a headache or actually develop one. If she works, she may say that she is too tired.

•The more she is pushed sexually, the more she backs up into her shell

Now this stuff is kind of technical and kind of ADVANCED, so until you get really good at COLD READING, you may want to skip this section and come back to it later to further enhance your cold reads.

Now these are called "Meta-programs" which are patterns of behavior that people often repeat without realizing. These are the DEEP STRUCTURES behind the SURFACE STRUCTURES of behavior.

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