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So now that I look back on my college days, I realize what it was that was REALLY at work. It all came back to INNER GAME. When I really started to get results - something happened. I realized that the more success I had with women, the more successful I would BE with women! It all feeds back into INNER GAME.

Not just that, but the more natural confidence that I had in other areas of my life, the more that confidence would spill over into my GAME.

I remember in College, there was this girl that I was head over heals for. She was 18 years old, blond hair, tight body to die for, and she was in her "adventurous" mode - if you know what I mean!

I would've done almost anything for her. I even made out with her while she had CHICKENPOX! Eewwww!!!

Now, this girl knew how to play me. At the time she me CALLING her all the time, talking on the phone with her for HOURS, putting off my studies to be with her... she was basically TOOLING me! She turned me into a WOMAN! (not literally of course!)

Have you been there too? Sucks doesn't it!

Now at the time, I was in a local Rock band and not just that, but I was in full control of it...

Creatively, and otherwise. And I was VERY confident about my direction as well as my Musicianship. Now this friend of mine that was SO good with women would sit in and play guitar with us on occasion - even though his musical skills weren't all that great.

Well after practice one day, I was telling him about my woes with this 18 year chick and he said, "You know man, here's what you need to do... You need to have the same kind of confidence that you have in this Rock Band, with this Girl."

And I thought to myself, "He's right!"

It's a part of HAVING VALUE, and the natural confidence that you have in other areas SPILLS OVER into your GAME.

Now I'm going to make this simple.

With Inner Game, - You get what you focus on. The things that you notice, the things you think are possible for you, what you think you deserve, the things that you are willing to take action on... it all comes from what you focus on.

You get the right focus by asking yourself the right questions. And for that matter, you can get the kinds of results that you want from others by asking them the right questions that cause them to change their focus... it is this shift that makes the difference.

The brain will find the answer to basically any question that you ask... even if the answers aren't based in reality. Your brain will find the answers.

I did something awhile back that changed my GAME dramatically and started giving me consistent results. It basically helped to BUILD up my "Seduction Confidence" .

I started asking myself questions like, "What is it about me that makes me so successful with [Women/life/work etc.]?" "Why am I so magnetic and charismatic?" "How do I make people feel so good about me and about themselves?" "What is it about me that makes me so irresistible to women?"

And you know what? - I started noticing things that I was doing that WORKED and it just started to FEEDBACK into my INNER GAME -and then my results started getting consistent...

and AMAZING by any standards that I would've had before!

[Notice that all of these questions presuppose your success with women. When you ask yourself questions like these, and really allow yourself to go inside and find all the answers to these questions... notice how your focus shifts... notice how you begin to see and feel all the things that work for you... and say that as your state shifts, you will begin to notice that your focus has changed... and now your brain is proving all the things that you have asked yourself to be true... ]

The Secret to Being 100% Successful 100% of the time

Now how do you know that things are true for you? This is where beliefs and rules come in. For instance if you believed that being successful with women was about learning something about every interaction and improving your game... then you could never fail... then you would focus on success and that would lead to more success.

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