One Closing technique that makes her lose control

The IMPULSE CLOSE occurs Impulsively. You want to overwhelm any defense all at once, not ever having given them a chance to build up their defenses, and do it at a moment when it is the most advantageous to do so.

How do you apply this to the Close?

This is the Breakdown of my Impulse Close method:

Until I extract them to a private place;

1) Vague and Ambiguous or "Indirectly Direct": I will use lots of sexual metaphor, sexual stories and themes.

2) Open up the Sexual talk early on: I will talk a little about sexual talk so that I have a lead in for later when we are alone ("You know you were telling me about X... I just remembered one more thing...")

3) Create Doubt: I want them to not be sure if there really is anything... even if they give me signs of interest, I will play hard to get and maybe respond minimally if they outright get physical.

4) Create Safety: I want them to feel safe and comfortable about being alone with me.

5) Early Light Touching: There is a difference between touching that sends the "I'm interested" message, and touching that gets them comfortable with you touching them. I do the latter... which may confuse them more because I don't outright cross that line at first.

And because I don't get outright physical with them, they feel OK about going back to my place to "Watch a video" or "Hang out" for a while.

(I've had many gals tell me that they weren't sure if I liked them or if I didn't until we were alone)

When Alone:

6) Recapitulate/Repeat Sexual themes: Then when alone, I bring up the sexual themes/sexual value elicitation combined with:

7) Heavy touching to Close: I pour on sexual rapport touching at the same time, look for green lights, and if all lights are green, I don't stop until the Close.

Hypnotherapy Healing

Hypnotherapy Healing

Loosely explained, hypnotherapy is an exercise of therapy which induces a deep relaxation state of body and mind and then uses this state of mind to introduce ideas or images into the consciousness.

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