Most women are never satisfied

In all areas... from sexuality to self-esteem to career, to LIFE. There are many women that want to live in a "TV world" where nothing is mundane... where there is danger and spontaneity... adventure... the need to be rescued. Many women will create this drama because they want it so much.

TENSION at work!

Here's something that I got turned on to by David DeAngelo ( ):

What she SAYS = What she THINKS (Which may be just social and cultural programming), What she DOES = What she FEELS.

THIS is important. This is why if you don't know this little fact, women can SEEM so confusing... saying one thing and doing another. Appearing to change their mind at a moments notice. I'd say that 99.99% of men don't know this little fact and if they did... well then it would be a different world out there.

This is what is being spoken underneath what is actually spoken.

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