KEYS to building Rapid Rapport with a woman

One of the best ways to accelerate rapport in the Mid Game is venue changing.

I've gone from coffee shop inside to coffee shop outside (to get "fresh air")... to outside in their car (because "it's cold" to ... :) to their car.

Remember also that one important principle in persuasion is that if someone is stuck emotionally, get them moving physically. This is using the mind/body connection.

The more venues a woman feels comfortable with you in, the more her overall comfort level is.

One other key that needs to be mentioned -Isolation. If you have isolation first - then why change venues?

To give you an example, the day before yesterday (Wednesday afternoon), I went to pick up a 28 year old blond with a tight body and long legs from her house.

When I called her on the phone that day she asked, "So do you want to meet somewhere or do you just want to pick me up?" Well - if a woman gives you an opportunity to isolate... take it!

We had met at a coffee shop last week and talked briefly and I was just following up on it.

Well I went to pick her up and as we sat on her couch, I thought to myself, "She enough into me that we don't have to go out!"

So I built sexual attraction and comfort (using some of my Sexual Rapport material) - and BAM... we were off to her bedroom within 30 minutes - no venue changes... just isolation.

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