Keeping It LIP

OK, first of all... get your mind out of the Gutter! Although there may some truth to that perspective as well we wont talk about that for now!

Now, it's pressure that turns a rock into a diamond right?

But you want to avoid what I call "The Success Trap". Satisfaction saps motivation for improving yourself and saps the fire in a relationship.

So how do you avoid stagnation: both in yourself and in a relationship? Keep up the Tension KEEP IT UP!

That's right, it can NEVER end because once it does - you'll stop growing as a person, or in a relationship, things will stale out.

So it's Focusing on the reasons for what we want and Focusing on what is possible for us that creates the Tension (Dissatisfaction + Anticipation) within us that motivates us -

In when you're with a woman it works the same way. You create this tension by making her as unsatisfied sexually as you can (Teasing, playing hot/cold physically etc.) until she has to openly want it more than you do! These are the REASONS.

And then you also guide her imagination and let her visualize and imagine the Seduction. These are the RESULTS.

This creates the Anticipation and Dissatisfaction - THE SEXUAL TENSION - that builds the pressure until her buying temperature is about ready to explode!

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30 Second Seduction Secrets

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