How to totally Wrap Up a woman into your world

Have you ever known a woman who was SO into a guy and who had devoted so much time and energy to him that he could do virtually ANYTHING and she would still cling to him? - I know, it's unhealthy - but it happens. She was fully ENGAGED into him.

Here's another scenario: You're with a woman and you're having the most interesting and stimulating conversation... the VIBE is there and you can both FEEL it. Nothing else exists - You were both ENGAGED into each other.

Engagement is when a woman invests herself into the interaction. Remember that engagement also amps up her willingness to take action as well as her willingness to stay committed to you in the long term. This is a take on the "Commitment and Consistency" principle but here's how it specifically applies to seduction and relationships. Here are several ways that a woman can be engaged.

1) Physical engagement

If you are the first man that a woman has been with then more likely than not, she will have given a huge amount of "engagement" energy to you. She will never forget you as her first. Now if you use this concept, she will be extremely devoted to you just because of this.

Other examples of physical engagement include making a woman do things for you like favors, working for you. etc. One analogy is that you are like a "bank" and the more "money" (work, energy, physically engagement) that she puts in, the more invested in you she will be.

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