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This principle puts the "burden of proof" onto your target as well as offers a challenge.

I'll say "Tell me all the reasons I should be with you" and "You have to give me a reason to want to be with you, either by what you do or what you say... I don't just go for anyone, I'm pretty selective... you have to show me that I want to be with you." There's no better way to eliminate resistance then seducing a woman into seducing you.

I remember the first time I did a cold read. I had met a woman at a coffee shop and a friend of mine had been chatting her up and trying to get a good level of rapport with her. I happened to walk by and I said to her,

"Yeah... I know about you... on the outside you come across as totally uninhibited and wild, and you're really outgoing and the life of the party... but underneath all of that you're just someone who's really kind of shy, and you want someone who can see you for who you really are... where you don't have to put on an act... and you can just relax and be yourself. In fact this kind of connection is really what you want most of all... and you're somewhat of an emotional type. where you experience the world through your emotions..."

She said. "Take me, I'll go anywhere with you right now!"

So what is cold reading exactly? Well some people actually get impressions about people. Can this be developed? Sure. It's a people reading skill and it just requires some attention.

But you can achieve the same affect by speaking in generalities and "hedging" your languaging. as well as knowing when you have a "hit" or positive response.

If given with enough authority, you can be very convincing.

Cold reading is probably one of the best ways to build Rapport with a woman. I use Cold reading in Mid Game primarily.

Cold reading does many of the things conducive to seduction. Here are a few:

• Conveys understanding of her world

• Demonstrates value

• Gets her intrigued

• Builds rapport through understanding

• Tells her how to ACT around you

My suggestions for learning this skill are:

1) Familiarize yourself with basic personality "types". I've included the two general types of women (Physically and Emotionally sexual female)

2) You can use a tool like "The Cube". The book "Secrets of the Cube" by Annie Gottleib is excellent. Other tools could be palmistry or handwriting analysis, although a thorough knowledge of these isn't what's important. What's important is conveying authority and being convincing. Focus on the interaction... be in the moment.

3) Know certain categorizations: Inner vs. Outer -For example "Inner health" is much different than "Outer" health. Outer wealth is much different than Inner wealth. Outer relationships are much different than Inner relationships.

4) Use what they give you. Watch their responses

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