How to make a woman play in YOUR court

Have you ever noticed that when a woman chases you FIRST - you have SO much more power in the relationship?

Just think about it... when she chooses you, you have the power, she is in your territory... she enters into your frame. You are the prize. The King of Spain is all powerful in Spain. He has no power in Japan. That's why it's so important to be chosen. If you appear to be the one choosing her, then you give away your power... Bad. Don't waste your time on a woman who doesn't choose you... it will only drain you.

I first got turned on to this realization by the book, "The Pimp Game" by Mickey Royal, a former Pimp. This book is truly a FREAK SHOW and makes for some great reading!

So how do you get a woman to chose you?

30 Second Seduction Secrets

30 Second Seduction Secrets

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