How to know how far to go with a woman

How To Develop Emotional Intelligence

How To Develop Emotional Intelligence

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Let me tell you about some guys I've known. They study Seduction, they know all the "tactics", they may even be able to go out and get 10 phone numbers at the drop of a hat. But THAT'S usually where it ends.

Now you can have some SKILLS, and you can know all kinds of theories... but when it comes down to interacting with people on a PERSONAL level - your rapport and END GAME closing success will be proportional to two things: Your INNER GAME and your ability to CALIBRATE and be FLEXIBLE.

I've seen guys that go up to a girl and they'll be talking about something totally irrelevant to the conversation, or they'll skip from topic to topic -without any kind of natural transitions. And they just doesn't GET that other people are thinking "What the HELL is he telling me that for!?" - and it just comes off as BIZARRE.

Part of it has to do with being able to truly CONNECT with people - without any GAMES or FRAMES... when it just comes down to ONE PERSON connecting with ANOTHER in the moment.

Women pick up on "Fakeness" real quick and while it may be fun at FIRST to play and roleplay, , at some point you have to be a REAL PERSON and you have to see the REAL PERSON right in front of you.

Now the first step in truly connecting is being able to step outside your own FILTERS and not just seeing the other persons perspective - but sharing it.

Now, shocking as it may be - there are alot of people who actually have trouble with this!

There's a book on "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman. You may even want to check this book out if you'd like to have better connections with people.

Emotional Intelligence is being able to understand oneself as well as others, being able to control emotions (or not), and being able to have the right degree of emotion at the right time for the right reason for the right duration.

Now this guy Goleman talks about how Emotional Intelligence can apply to the broader context of living, stating that one's emotional intelligence (The "EQ") is even more important than "IQ" when you look at things like being 'successful' in many parts of life - from personal relationships to professional relationships, self-satisfaction and self-growth.

So what is a major tool that you can use to see if what you're doing is working? CALIBRATION -notice a woman's responses.

Calibration is feedback. Would you want to drive a car without the feedback of seeing the road, or without feeling the steering wheel?

Calibration tells you when you can turn it on full blast or when you have to tone it down. It's about getting outside of your own head and into the interaction.

So what do you do with the information that calibrating gives you? You USE IT and have the FLEXIBILITY to change what you're doing and either TURN IT UP or TURN IT DOWN

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