Have some Standards

The Value/Quality

What you want

The Process Criteria


The End Value "Z"

What you get from having what you want

How you know that you have Value "X"

Does this really seem like a NOVEL CONCEPT!? You know, as basic as it seems, there are too many guys willing to throw their standards to the wind at the mere CHANCE of having a beautiful woman.

That's right... you need to actually have standards and if a woman fails to meet those standards then you need to be able to walk away. It's not worth your time. And you know what? - Women have a sixth sense and alot more attraction for a guy with standards who's willing to walk away!

Here are the 3 questions:

1) What Quality do you want in a woman? ("X")

2) How do you know you have this Quality in a woman? ("Y")

3) What do you get from having this quality in a woman - in just the way that you want it? ("Z")

Now after you've done this for 3 separate qualities, here's what I want you to do:

1) Rank these three in order of importance to you

2) Look at this list. Now you know that this is what you are really after in your interactions with women - anything else is just a momentary distraction. If a woman can't fulfill these qualities in the way that you want them to be fulfilled, or if she doesn't even want to try - then you're wasting your time with her - move on.

3) When you interact with women from now on, ask yourself, "Can she meet my values in a woman?" And then you can challenge her if you think she may be able to. Women respond to a challenge.

4) For example if you want someone that's adventurous and open-minded you may say, "I don't know about you... it may not work out between us because you seem a little old fashioned and I'm looking for someone with a bit more of an edge." - If she has any edge to her at all, she'll be more than happy to go out of her way to make sure you see that side of her!

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