First of all it starts with your frame You are the prize

This is Identity level stuff. Your game has to be tight. In all areas of your life... from career, home, lifestyle... You have to represent what women want. "Alpha" characteristics apply here.

In the book, "The Evolution of Desire - Strategies of human mating" David Buss talks about women's preferences. He states that when seeking a permanent mate, women not only seek men with resources, but with qualities that lead to the accumulation of resources -like ambition, status, intelligence, age, health...

Seduce Her With Laughter

Seduce Her With Laughter

You will discover knowledge that most men will never know -and will never fully understand. It will show you why women simply cannot resist a man that can make them laugh in a deep and satisfying way. Plus, it will even arm you with the tools to deliver exactly that kind of satisfaction and pleasure to women...with laughter. This report is about to give your power back to you! So that you can be in control of the situation and attract women to you whenever and wherever you want.

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