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Her: I haven't ever done X because I'm Y.

Me: ...and even though you've never done X, there is still a part of you that wonders what it would be like... hold that thought... because maybe there's even a part of you that really wants to do it and would really enjoy it. Her: I don't know... maybe. Me: So if you were to step into this part of yourself... and imagine what would it be like... what kinds of things would you enjoy about this... what kinds of things would you find yourself really wanting to do this...

A New Identity (A new "Part")

The classic example is the "Dancer" name.

1) Once you've Cold-read her and you have paced her current reality, you begin to introduce the Self-Image. The "Dancer" self image.

2) You NOTICE all the things about her, her behavior, and her environment, that validate this self image and you Support this all by commenting on it, having her ratify it, describe it, reframe it... etc.

Bringing out a Part of them that has been Repressed

The classic example of this is the "Shadow" concept. In this concept, you talk about the part of people that is repressed... the part of them that corresponds to Freud's concept of the Id. This is like the instinctual, biological human urge that we as a society have learned to repress.

...Of course that which is repressed gets expressed. Often in ways that we aren't aware of and in ways that we can't control. (You've all heard of the term "Freudian Slip". Well, this is just a small example.)

Carl Jung was a Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst that studied with Freud. He took the repression idea even further and brought into the repression concept, the notion of the "Shadow". Of course talking about something makes it more real and invests it with mental energy. Carl Jung's philosophy was to achieve a balance between light and dark... the part of you that you show to the world and the part of you that is hidden (maybe even from yourself).

Giving the "Shadow" it's own Persona, Identity and it's own "Voice" can be very powerful... be careful though!

How Time forms an Onion skin of "Parts"

In this idea, as time passes we layer on new "Parts" just like the layers of an onion. For example, under the metaphorical onion skin of parts, there is the part of a person that is still a child.

People often have a Past self-concept ("Part") that is MORE REAL to them than their Current self-concept. This is especially true in people that have many limitations. (They cant "Meta-state" and see the distinction between their Past self, their Current self, and their Future self. A limited Past then becomes both a limited present and a limited future... a self fulfilling prophesy.)

A key here is that sometimes you can age regress someone just by presupposing that you are talking to the "CHILD part". Talk to them as if they were a child, View them as a child, treat them like a child, and they will live up to your self image.

They can't argue with this presupposition because by nature presuppositions are unstated underlying beliefs from which we speak and act. They are what needs to be true in order for a statement to make sense. And more often than not, you can't argue with something that isn't stated explicitly.

Realize also that people have a Future Self Concept as well. Much of seduction is based on embedding yourself with this Future Self-Concept.

The "Part" of them that is Others

This is an interesting concept. Inside of us, we all carry around the "Part" of us that is our parents, the "Part" of us that is our friends... etc. What really sucks is when people bring a "part" of them that is their parent from when they were a small child into Present reality. And then they act as if this representation of their parent was current reality. External and Internal representations may totally be different.

One of the things in NLP and Gestalt Psychology is that you must have someone resolve a conflict internally with the "Part" of them that is their parent (or any other conflicting part), before any external resolving with the actual person can occur.

How would you use this in Persuasion/Influence/Seduction?

Get them to Meta-state.

Once they realize that their resistance is not really themselves, but others influences... other "Parts" that are trying to tell them what to do, they can then make a Conscious choice based on what THEY actually want.

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